Introduction Video Presentation - Transcendental Realism, The Art of Adi Da Samraj at 2007 BIennale di Venezia - 52nd Venice Biennale International Art Exhibition - Collateral Exhibition


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Adi Da Samraj’s art conveys a profound spiritual message through the drama of visual form. That form can be figurative or purely abstract. It can be photographic or purely digital. It can be narrative—even humorous—or purely philosophical. It can be beautiful or it can be terrifying. All of his art is intended to assist the process of going beyond “ego”, and discovering “reality itself, truth itself, and the beautiful itself”.

Adi Da Samraj’s two- and three-dimensional shapes are always concrete communicative realities, statements of a mental order that is never repressive or closed off, but always germinating and unpredictable. In all instances, shapes germinate and multiply with sudden offshoots that reveal the potential of a new geometric eroticism.
– Achille Bonito Oliva
It is a rare artist who can convey, convincingly, the sense of being face-to-face with the source of being. Adi Da can clearly live in the depths without succumbing to their pressure, bringing back pearls of art to prove it.
– Donald Kuspit

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